The folks at Foxhole Bar call it an "upscale locals' joint"

sERVICES: Architecture / Interior Design / Construction

Strange to see the words upscale and joint together in a sentence, but that is exactly what Foxhole Bar is, a slightly classed-up version of the coolest lowbrow bar that happens to be located in South Beach.

This bi-level fun house has it all — throwback '80s videogames, including Galaga and Miss Pac-Man (we dig that chick; she's fast), as well as classic bar staples like pool and darts. There's a high-techno gadget jukebox, comfy banquettes, and a big bar you can approach from all sides (cocktail traffic control is key). Bottle service can be arranged upon request, but there's a strict no-attitude policy. If you show up to drink, you are welcomed; it doesn't matter if you are a toad or a Euro-supermodel. We love that Foxhole is open seven days a week and that the drink lineup suits everyone, offering both creative cocktails and about 30 beers. You'll have to seek out the unmarked entrance, though; it's in an alley between Alton Road and West Avenue.